• SOUP OF THE DAY (300 g)
    12 lei
    every day a different flavor, a different texture. Ask your waiter.
  • SEAFOOD (300 g)
    59 lei
    bouillabaisse style, seashells*, fish fillets, saffron, fresh tomatoes, onions, carrots, fennel, garlic, wine, in seashells stock


  • FRIED CALAMARI* (300 g)
    67 lei
    tender strips of calamari wrapped in crispy flour bits, served with homemade tartar sauce
  • FRIED SHRIMPS* (350 g)
    94 lei
    in almond crust with ouzo flavor, served with spicy chilli sauce
    33 lei
    pleurotus in bread crumbs crust, truffle oil, and cherry tomatoes
  • ZUCCHINI (250 g)
    26 lei
    crunchy sticks of zucchini, served with tzatziki spread


  • FETA (120 g)
    31 lei
    wrapped in phyllo pastry, stir-fried, sprinkled with sesame, drizzled with honey
  • SAGANAKI (150 g)
    27 lei
    stir-fried cheese from cow milk, nicely crusted and soft inside, served with fig jam
    38 lei
    grilled pleurotus, served with cherry tomatoes, drops of truffle oil, and parsley
  • EGGPLANT (200 g)
    36 lei
    peppers, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes on a bed of oven-roasted eggplant skin, with parmesan, caramelized onions and parsley
  • OCTOPUS* (200 g)
    92 lei
    stir-fried on extra virgin olive oil, served with Fava beans, cherry tomatoes and capers
  • MUSSELS* (400 g)
    38 lei
    cooked with wine, garlic, pomodoro sauce with pepperoncino
  • SHRIMP TART (300 g)
    79 lei
    baby prawns* with spinach, served on tart
  • TUNA TARTAR (120 g)
    54 lei
    tender cubes of red tuna in citrus juices, spring onion, capers, extra virgin olive oil
  • HOMEMADE SPREADS (80 g each)
    64 lei
    eggplant served with walnuts, spicy cheese, tzatziki, beetroot with oregano and extra virgin olive oil, taramas, served with smoked eel


  • GREEK (400 g)
    36 lei
    tomato, cucumber, olives, peppers, capers, feta, oregano and extra virgin olive oil
  • DAKOS (400 g)
    39 lei
    Cretan rusk from barley, with tomatoes, olives, feta, capers, anchovies, rocket and extra virgin olive oil
  • GREEN (300 g)
    31 lei
    various greens with onion, peppers, garlic chips, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, and pomegranate vinaigrette
  • PASTRAMI (400 g)
    45 lei
    fresh baby spinach, mushrooms, pastrami, parmesan flakes, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil
  • MANI (400 g)
    34 lei
    boiled potatoes, onions, orange fillets, olives, capers, siglino, balsamic glaze


  • SEAFOOD (300 g)
    54 lei
    risoni pasta with mussels*, clams* and shrimps* cooked in bisque sauce with garlic saffron and cherry tomatoes
  • PAPARDELLE (250 g)
    38 lei
    served with feta mousse, basil pesto and toasted almonds
  • MAKAROUNES (300 g)
    40 lei
    traditional Carpathian dough cooked in butter and onions served with grated graviera cheese
  • SIGLINO (250 g)
    42 lei
    pasta with siglino, hot peppers and sun dried tomatoes
  • RAVIOLI (250 g)
    74 lei
    homemade ravioli filled with baby shrimps*, ricotta, mascarpone, onions, garlic and herbs, served in bisque sauce with mint oil


  • 7 ISLANDS (pasta 110 g)
    33 lei
    fish of the day cooked in a skillet with wine, garlic, tomato, capers, olive rondelles, onions, pepperoncino, served with pasta *ask your waiter for the fish price of your choice
  • LAMB (300 g)
    92 lei
    lamb chump cup on, cooked sous vide, served with velvety celery purée, cherry tomatoes, and mint sauce
  • BEEF (300 g)
    62 lei
    boneless neck of Black Angus beef cooked in a casserole with tomato sauce, sage, garlic, onions, carrots, and parsley, served with potato purée
  • MOUSAKA (400 g)
    59 lei
    oven roasted eggplant, potato and zucchini slices, topped with bechamel sauce, au gratin
  • RED MULLET (250 g)
    86 lei
    tender fillets* stir-fried with garlic, served with cous-cous, nuts, dried citrus, in orange sauce



    83 lei
    stuffed with pesto and risotto finished on Josper, served with garlic creamy spinach and tomato bites
  • GRILLED OCTOPUS* (200 g)
    104 lei
    cooked sous vide and finished on Josper, served with cherry tomatoes and rocket
  • GRILLED SHRIMPS* (350 g)
    119 lei
    jumbos, served with tartar sauce, small mix salad and extra virgin olive oil
  • SARDINES (250 g)
    68 lei
    tender fillets, served with pesto and bergamot spoon sweet
  • PLATTER (for 2 persons, 600 g)
    180 lei
    seafood delights* served with mix salad with extra virgin olive oil, taramas spread and tartar sauce
    served with roasted veggies and asparagus. Ask your waiter.

House selection

  • RIB EYE (400 g)
    149 lei
    served with Steak fries and béarnaise sauce
  • T-BONE (500 g)
    124 lei
    served with Steak fries and béarnaise sauce
    93 lei
    served with potato wedges, roasted veggies & demi-glace sauce

Premium Selection (Black Angus)

  • RIB EYE (400 g)
    205 lei
    served with Steak fries and béarnaise sauce
  • BEEF CHOP (750 g)
    340 lei
    served with Steak fries and béarnaise sauce
  • FILLET (250 g)
    173 lei
    served with potato wedges, roastedveggies and demi-glace sauce
  • *you can choose an alternative garnish: mix salad, potato wedges, French fries, potato purée, grilled vegetables


  • SKEWER (300 g)
    59 lei
    tender breast, served with sun dried tomato and baby potatoes
  • THIGH (300 g)
    59 lei
    juicy and tender, served with confit tomatoes, capers and roasted veggies


  • CHOPS (250 g)
    104 lei
    tender and juicy, served with celery purée and roasted veggies


  • HAM (200 g)
    38 lei
    served with slice of tomato, caramelized onions, mayo, French fries and mix salad
  • YASOU (300 g)
    67 lei
    topped with siglino, and talagani cheese, served with tzatziki, tomatoes, onion
  • If you are allergic to eggs, milk, gluten, fish, shellfish, dried fruits, fresh fruits, oleaginous fruits or soy, please let us know!


    20 lei
    crispy phyllo pastry layered with ground walnuts, cloves in cinnamon flavoured syrup
    20 lei
    milk chocolate with biscuits, cognac flavoured, served with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce
    20 lei
    soultanina raisins and almonds in cooked semolina, flavoured with cinnamon
    20 lei
    juicy orange cake, served with ice cream and caramel sauce
    20 lei
    yogurt mousse served on butter flavoured crumbles, topped with cherry jam
    9 lei
  • If you are allergic to eggs, milk, gluten, fish, shellfish, dried fruits, fresh fruits, oleaginous fruits or soy, please let us know!