Our kitchen is open!

Chef Iosif Ștefanescu believes in the OPEN KITCHEN concept and he can’t wait to talk about recipes, assorted wines, tastes, and other inside stories. The ingredients play a major part in this Mediterranean affair. And by MEDITERRANEAN, we mean raw materials of best quality, coming from carefully selected sources, from the Peloponnesian olive oil that we use in most dishes to the specific condiments, like the saffron from Kozani, or the honey from Tilos, to be found in mezze, marinades and desserts.

At Yasou, we take pride in these ingredients that we bring ourselves from Greek micro-producers of choice. We picked only farmers who put passion in everything they do and work with love of people and nature. Let’s take, for example, the famous olives from Kalamata, told to be the meatiest and richest in the entire Greece. This is also the place where we bring the Talagani cheese from, our favourite type of Halloumi that melts in the most delicious way when grilled. Siglino, the pork meat that has been smoked after an ancient ritual, so tender that it melts in the mouth, comes from the Mani region, while our good, old mastic comes from the place where it was born 2.500 years ago: Chios. And there is so much more to be told about our dishes. But we’d rather let them speak for themselves, right from your plate.