Welcome to the new Greek Restaurant in Floreasca, Bucharest. We are waiting for you here with a fresh and savory menu, as enjoyable as a Greek holiday. In our Mediterranean-oriented kitchen, we count on the best quality Greek ingredients that we have carefully chosen, from organic farms and trustworthy micro-producers.

When it comes to Feta cheese, we bring it only from Argos. The olives come only from the blessed land of Kalamata, Graviera cheese from Arta, while the spread salads were made in the one and only place where they make them best: Macedonia. You can read more about all these specialties, and other besides, in our Ingredients section. Or you can always have a friendly chat on the subject with Chef Iosif Ștefănescu. Our chef proudly promotes the OUT OF KITCHEN movement and would love sharing with you the wonderful things that happen in our kitchen.

As we were saying, the raw materials that we use are Greek. But Chef Iosif, a master of fusion cuisine, has reinvented the classical Hellenic recipes in a contemporary style, to please the cosmopolitan people of Bucharest.

We find ourselves in the heart of the city and we want to honour this place with our minimal design and the intimate atmosphere, that compliments casual discussions. We cook with joy, but most of all, we love to see you enjoying our food.

At Yasou, we bring the good food, you bring the good vibe.